02 October 2011

Hemp Milk ~ An Excellent Alternative To Dairy

Some of the population today is moving from dairy products to non-dairy alternatives. This may be for health (dairy allergies or lactose intolerance), environmental (radiation levels have shown in some areas to be increased in cow milk and cheese), or moral reasons. Whatever the reason, there are many types of ‘milks’ to choose from.

My two favorites are almond milk and hemp milk. However, because I am also looking for protein and calcium, I often choose hemp milk.

Hemp milk is wonderful over cereal or as a smoothie base, or excellent as a cream soup base…or just for drinking!

Below is a nutritional comparison between 1 c. (244 g.) hemp milk and 2% milkfat dairy:

                                        Hemp Milk                                               2% Milk

Calories                           100                                                                 122

Total Fat                          6 g.                                                                 5 g.

Sat. Fat                            .5 g.                                                                 3 g.

Carbs                                9 g.                                                                 12 g.

Protein                             2 g.                                                                  8 g.

Calcium                           30% DV                                                          29% DV

As you can see above, the hemp milk compares quite nicely with dairy milk. The numbers that are important to me, however, are the Sat. Fat numbers. Hemp has the perfect ratio of omega fatty acids optimal for human health (these are the good fats). And, you can also see that hemp is high in calcium.

The protein in hemp is edestin protein, which is similar to human globulin and is easily assimilated into the body.

If you are choosing to go non-dairy, choose HEMP!

1 Oct, 2011
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