24 September 2011

BIG JOINT meets Obama

BIG JOINT rolled and ready for Obamas visit - 16 November at 09:00 - 17 November at 16:00, Canberra, Australia

Realising the invitation for US President Obama to visit Nimbin and see for himself the refugee camp his war on drugs has caused will most likely fall on deaf ears, the Nimbin HEMP Embassy will send a delegation to the President when he visits Canberra on November 16 and 17.

“During his quest to become President, Obama gave hope for change to many medical marijuana patients and indeed there are now 15 American states where medical cannabis is legal with doctors authorising cards which allow users to grow their own or buy from a dispensary.”

“All we ask is that our PM spends ten minutes hearing from Obama his views on cannabis as a medicine and how the Americans are dealing with the issue", said Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President.

“It’s time our Government pulled its head out of the propaganda and recognised the medical values of cannabis at a Federal level. We have shocking problems with alcohol abuse in Australia and we need to rethink the failed drug policies and ideas, including John Howards legacy of psychosis hysteria.”

“Please Julia, ask the President why Americans aren’t getting psychosis from cannabis like we are supposed to be in Australia! The facts are there is no increase in Aussie mental health problem numbers in the last fifty years despite cannabis use going from under 1% to over 50% of young males, the most vulnerable group.”

"We plan on taking the Big Joint and a Polite Service crew to Obama, and a bunch of flowers for Michelle. And we urge others from Australias 2 million regular cannabis users to come out of the closet and join us.”

Quotes from Obama: “Medical marijuana is entirely appropriate.”

“I inhaled frequently, that was the point.”

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