25 September 2011

Cannabis Culinary Creativity: Top 5 Marijuana Medibles

Incredible Medibles

There's been an incredible flowering of creativity on the cannabis medibles scene. Almost every time I visit a dispensary or a farmers market, I find at least one medicated edible I've never seen before. From sweets like brownies, cookies, and cake pops to salty snacks like Chex mix to healthy options like granola bars to cannabis drinkables and sodas, it's an exciting scene to witness.

Here are five of the tastiest, most unique, and lest we forget, the most potent edibles available in the THC-attle area. (Bear in mind that to buy and consume these products you need a Washington state medical-marijuana authorization.)

1. Ettalew's Medibles 7-Layer Bar

Two things I've noticed about Ettalew's line of medicated edibles: They are absolutely delicious, every one of the many I've tried; and they are very potent, each and every one.

Among the many heavenly sweets available from Ettalew's is their 7-Layer Bar, which is a blissfully delicious meeting of graham crackers, butterscotch, milk chocolate, pecans, and sweetened condensed milk, along with plenty of strong Bubbleberry (sativa dominant) bud butter and kief.

Alison of Ettalew's tells me that her edibles are "Just like Grandma would make, but with a medicinal twist!" And no corners are cut on the medicine. The label is accurate in saying "This is STRONG medicine!" Ettalew's recommends that you start with ¼ of a treat and wait 45 minutes, then add a little more if necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Ettalew's excellent medibles are available at several local dispensaries including Alternative Care Clinic, 5609 Fourth Avenue South. Call (206) 629-2122 or visit http://mmjwa.org .

​2. Pack A Punch Cannabis Sodas

There are now at least four cannabis-based medicated sodas available in Seattle dispensaries. One of the best is Pack A Punch, which is thankfully true to its name when it comes to delivering relief.

Pack A Punch comes in several flavors, including Watermelon and Strawberry Crème; I selected an old-fashioned Cream Soda, which was delicious.

According to the label (which has a cool, tie-dyed look), each Pack A Punch contains 0.15 grams of Chemdawg kief. "This Sativa dominant medicine is very uplifting but not racy," the label advises. "Good for anxiety, stress, depression, social interaction issues, and pain relief. Most patients will feel Euphoric, Creative and Energetic."

I'll go along with "most patients" on those points.

I found Pack A Punch at Seattle Quality Collective, 13760 Aurora Ave. N., (206) 257-4941, http://seattle-quality.com.

​3. Lazy Jane Red Velvet Cake Pops

Since I first spotted cake pops in Seattle dispensaries a few months ago, they've become a more common sight; typically, they're available in popular cake flavors.

The medibles are by definition so small that, for some of us with a higher tolerance to cannabis, two may be needed to achieve desired effects.

But that's not a problem, because the things are just as delicious as they sound. With cake pops, it's important to get them when they're fresh, so if you see them in a shop ask when they were delivered; it makes a big difference.

I found my Lazy Jane Red Velvet Cake Pops at Seattle Quality Collective, and simply put, if you like red velvet cake, you'll love the taste; if you like marijuana, you'll love the effects.

Lazy Jane medibles are available at West Coast Wellness and Green Hope in Shoreline; Quality Collective on Aurora; Green Relief in Lake City; The Joint in University District; Access 4 Washington in Sodo; Cappa Pi in Georgetown; Dockside in Fremont; and Holland House in Lynnwood.

For more information, visit www.lazyjanebakery.com.

4. Smugglers Choice Mini Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

These little fellows are bite-sized, but they come eight to a pack for $8, which is a good value.

Crunchy, fresh, and minty, the cookies best reveal their potency when eaten several at the time. OK, OK, I'll confess that I had all eight cookies at a single setting. But those with a lower tolerance to cannabis might want to try two or four before going all in.
I found my Smugglers Choice Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (also available in plain chocolate chip, as in non-mint) at Conscious Care Cooperative, 14032 Aurora Ave. N., #C (behind Avant Florist).

5. Be Medicated Peanut Butter Cups

I've raved about the culinary prowess of Beth Andersen; her Peanut Butter Cups are yet another impressive treat from the Be Medicated kitchens.
Basically, these cups are what Reese's would be if they were about a hundred times fresher, if they were made with love instead of by a corporation, and of course if they got you high (which two of these cups assuredly will -- one, if you have a low tolerance).

If you see the Be Medicated table at the Cannabis Farmers Market in Seattle or Tacoma, or at the Washington Farmers Market in Olympia or Hoodsport, you definitely want to stop by and check out the selection -- I can personally guarantee you that there'll be nothing on that table that isn't (a) delicious, and (b) very potent.

For more information on Be Medicated, call 360-705-4367 and leave a text message or voicemail.

Steve Elliott edits Toke of the Town, Village Voice Media's site of cannabis news, views, rumor and humor.
14 September, 2011

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