20 August 2013

Granny Storm Crow's List - an inspiration to all in 2013!

Cannabinoid studies are coming out at an ever increasing rate ... The List has to change with the times! And the times are changing! Two US states have legalised cannabis and others are considering it! At no time, since before the 1930's, have so many people supported medical use of cannabis! CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta has publicly changed his stance on cannabis and admitted to having tried it! And that same week, CNN ran a story about a child finding relief from severe epilepsy with a 'high CBD' cannabis extract. The facts about cannabis being a safe and effective medicine for many conditions are slowly trickling into the mainstream media! We can speed up that trickle of information to make it into a flood! The medical facts about cannabis speak for themselves, but it is up to us to get those facts to the public! Each one of you knows someone who could benefit from the information in The List - a relative, friend or coworker. It takes only a moment to forward The List to them and it may change their life! Your doctor, unless he is an exception, has not educated himself about cannabis. Send him a few abstracts to get his interest (the Post Office delivers mail without a return address - you can even stay anonymous)! And our politicians are worst of all! One activist described talking with our politicians as like “talking to teenagers who had never heard of cannabis”! That they are so profoundly ignorant about even the most basic facts about cannabis and yet are in charge of making our laws on it, is mind-boggling! We have the facts on our side. All we need to do is speak the truth clearly, and repeatedly, until cannabis is fully legalised! The prohibitionists have spread their lies for the last three quarters of a century, but their lies cannot stand up to the truth that we possess. And as my Grandfather said, “If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!” (Granny's List is all over the internet, just Google Granny Storm Crows List and you'll find this most useful resource!)

In Australia we have a huge chance to educate ... knowledge is power and with the upcoming Federal Election we can send a message to the 'powers-that-be' by electing HEMP candidates in as many states as possible!

The politicians in Australia show little or no interest in helping the sick, suffering, persecuted and prosecuted! And don't think our public education system is informing YOUR children of the truth about drugs, legal or otherwise ... they are not! And as for the medical profession and ancillary health-workers, they're almost as ignorant. Head in the sand like ostriches seems to be the way for them all, Down Under! We need to do the work for them. We need to spread the truth, the good word, and free the leaf! Cannabis can no longer be demonized, the lies no longer hold any weight as science and medicine have consistently proven just how wrong public policy on this issue has been for decades! Now is the time for change!

Speaking with a small group of 15 and 16 year-old girls the other day, I was surprised to find that they were firmly under the impression, from their parents (who themselves use cannabis recreationally), that smoking cannabis killed brain cells (and their school had given them no education on 'drugs' at all [any wonder HIV levels have risen in the past decade or so in some parts of Australia] we surely have a responsibility to educate with facts, the truth, the whole truth)! I find this totally unacceptable. 

We need to tell our children the truth about cannabis (and educate their parents and teachers), give them the facts! Cannabis is a herb and used medicinally it can relieve so many ailments without being toxic in any way! Alcohol, tobacco and 'pharma-chemicals' destroy; cannabis treats and cures, the proof is irrefutable and we need this proffered in a public forum to remove the persecution and prosecution of those doing no harm and to allow the sick and suffering to be treated with cannabis and hemp in whatever form suits them best. Cannabis use for best results is a very individual thing as we all differ so much. I await the day when I can grow my own medicine, designed to treat my particular ailments; throw away the toxic 'pharma-chemicals' the medico's have me on and live a long and much healthier and happier life! 

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party


  • to re-legalise and regulate Cannabis for personal, medical and industrial use.
  • to allow for health education, home growing and regulated sales through registered outlets which will separate Cannabis from the criminality of the black-market and end consequent associated corruption.
  • to allow medical use, utilising Cannabis’ painkilling, relaxing, anti nausea and healing properties.
  • to establish a commercial Hemp industry producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products.
  • to release all those imprisoned for Cannabis alone and the removal of all records of previous criminal Cannabis convictions.

Below are some of the latest studies, medical information etc for your perusal. If you don't know about the healing properties of Cannabis, please afford yourself the chance to enhance your knowledge of this most wondrous gift from nature!

Cannabinoids Slow Brain Degradation and Aging, Reverse Dementia

Top Doctors Association Says Yes

Most Americans Now Live In States That Have Rejected Marijuana Prohibition

Cannabis May Protect From Side Effects of Cancer Drugs According To Study

Dr Sanjay Gupta - Whole Cannabis Is Better Than Just CBD or THC

Marijuana Can Improve Rigidity In Parkinsons

Marijuana Disrupts Cancer Pathway of Cigarettes, Study

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