27 August 2013

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party Policies

Reasons to VOTE 1 HEMP

  1. To alleviate the suffering of the chronically or terminally ill.
  2. To enhance the environment by replacing environmentally unsound products.
  3. To reduce avenues of fast cash for terrorists, insurgents, arms traders and security organisations.
  4. To reduce the flow of Cannabis money to criminal gangs.
  5. To limit corrupting temptations available to Police, Customs Officials and Prison Guards
  6. Decriminalisation of Hemp would drastically reduce Police workload and free officers to tackle genuine crimes where it is not as easy to gain high arrest rates.
  7. To remove an avenue for scaremongering by opportunistic politicians and journalists.
  8. To hopefully lower the price of Hemp or Cannabis.
  9. To put an end to using dogs as a tool of discrimination against a harmless sector of the community.
  10. To put an end to the marginalisation of Cannabis users, indeed to try to put such petty behaviours to rest in many areas of politics.
  11. The HEMP Party would undertake to try to ‘keep the bastards honest’.
  12. To allow people to enjoy a spiritual, relaxing experience – legally!

HEMP Party: Policy Brief

Our sole purpose is to agitate for the re-legalisation of 
Cannabis for personal, medical and industrial use.
The Cannabis market grows larger,
Police expenditures grow and,
More Cannabis arrests are made.

Marijuana Prohibition in Australia has failed!

breeds disrespect for the law,
engenders corruption,
endangers our youth,
costs us money,
enriches criminals,
hurts the sick and,
doesn’t work!

1) The re-legalisation of Cannabis will protect young Australians.
The black market is of special concern to parents. Many children find it hard to come to terms with discovering that their parents purchase and smoke Cannabis illegally. Many parents find it impossible to understand why their children use Cannabis. Our current laws constitute a hypocrisy that often poisons the relationship of our youth with parents and authority figures and always makes instilling a sense of respect for our laws a more difficult enterprise than it should be. Regulating the Cannabis marketplace by re-legalising Cannabis use will assist in preventing children gaining easy access to Cannabis, assist parents in building better citizens, and help us all to restore the waning bond of trust between citizenry and police force.
2) The only way to control the currently unregulated marketplace is to re-legalise Cannabis.
Prohibition laws do not work. Every year there are ever more users of Cannabis despite ever greater numbers of arrests. Despite huge and ever increasing expenditures of taxpayer funds the marketplace grows ever larger and more sophisticated. Helicopters packed with ever better trained paratroopers buzz over more Australian valleys. And to what end? Every year ‘the war on drugs’ entirely fails to impact the use or supply of Cannabis in any meaningful way. Someone once remarked that the definition of madness is to undertake the same act over and over again in expectation of a different outcome!
3) Australians don’t like other people dictating what they can do with our own bodies.
Aussies are a pretty sensible breed. Despite dire official warnings regarding the effects of Cannabis being produced and disseminated by the Australian Government for more than fifty years, most Australians know from personal experience that alcohol and tobacco (both legal drugs) pose a far greater risk to individual and societal health. Most Aussies understand that Cannabis is illegal because of an accident of history, not because it is dangerous.
  • to allow for health education, home growing and regulated sales through registered outlets which will separate Cannabis from the criminality of the black-market and end consequent associated corruption.
  • to allow medical use, utilising Cannabis’ painkilling, relaxing, anti nausea and healing properties.
  • to establish a commercial Hemp industry producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products.
  • to release all those imprisoned for Cannabis alone and the removal of all records of previous criminal Cannabis convictions.
THE HEMP PARTY will advocate for the re-legalisation of Cannabis!

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  1. AUSTRALIA HEMP has been grown around the country since 2004. Their hemp industry produces seed oil and medicinal preparations.